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ZecoHealth Show: Insulin Sensitivity with Registered Dietitian Emily Cornelius

What really is insulin resistance? How does someone become insulin resistant? And what can we truly do about it?

I had the honor of being on the ZecoHealth Show sharing more about insulin resistance and cutting through all the all the conflicting information out there about how to manage it.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The common symptoms of insulin resistance

  • What causes insulin resistance

  • The impact of sleep and circadian rhythms on insulin sensitivity and how to improve sleep hygiene

  • Why the keto diet is not the answer to insulin resistance

  • Getting to the bottom of carbohydrates and insulin resistance

  • The importance of fiber to overall health

  • The connection between inflammation and insulin resistance

  • The best oils for insulin resistance

  • Which foods improve insulin sensitivity

Listen to the full episode HERE.


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