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What Pants to Wear When You're Bloated and Still Want to Look Great

If you have insulin resistance I know you feel me when I say that some foods make you feel EXTREMELY BLOATED.

For me, its any type of dairy products and refined wheat! Even though I do my best to eat Whole Foods I still like to treat myself from time to time because I love pumpkin cookies, fresh bread, and muffins which. means I have to deal with a bloating.

Bloating is due to excess air in your digestive tract. Your stomach may feel extra distended and hard, you may also have gas, rumbling, or burping as your body tries to get rid of the excess air. There are a lot of different reasons to be bloated, food intolerance, stress and anxiety, and IBS to name a few. Frequent bloating are signs of inflammation in the gut. You may think of gas and bloating as, "not big deal" but it's actually your body telling you something isn't working properly in the gut, or the food you are eating is causing inflammation.

It's important to listen to your body so you can start to identify any foods that you may be interacting with. The best way to reduce bloat is to avoid foods that are causing it. I know it's not realistic to completely eliminate all foods you are interacting with so I've complied my favorite "bloat pants" for you to try!

Target Women's High-Rise Tapered Pants

I just bought a pair of these pants and love them!! They are so comfy, affordable, and look super cute (whether you're bloated or not). The waistband is high and super stretchy, making it perfect for when you're bloated. Note: they run a bit big, so you may need to size down.

Banana Republic Paperbag Pull-On Straight Leg Pant

If you need a more business casual pant for the office, there are some great options. I love these paperbag pants from Banana Republic. The silkier fabric lends itself to a fancier look, but you could dress these pants up or down.

Gap High Rise Recycled Pull-On Pants

Another versatile pair of pants that can be dressed up or down. I love the subtle stripe pattern and the back patch pockets. Again, the high-rise stretchy waistband makes these perfect for bloated bellies.

AE Ne(x)t Level Soft Knit High-Waisted Jegging Jogger

If you want to wear jeans that are comfortable, look for jogger jeans. These American Eagle light-wash jogger jeans have a jegging fit, with an elasticized waist for comfort and ease. I love how they still are a bit fitted, but won't make you feel uncomfortable.

Rag and Bone Miramar Jogger

For a looser fitting jogger jean, I love these ones from Rag and Bone. These ultra-soft cotton terry joggers are printed to look like high rise denim jean, but with comfort! They come in both light wash and dark wash.

Athleta Balance Jogger

Sweatpants are of course a great option for bloated bellies, but they don't need to look frumpy! I love these ultra-soft joggers from Athleta! They come in a lot of colors and have some unique details, perfect for lounging, going on a walk, or running errands.

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant

The BEST, let me repeat, the BEST leggings for bloated bellies are Lululemon's Align leggings. I know they're pricey, but you will not regret getting a pair. They are super stretchy everywhere, while holding their shape, and will not dig into your belly.


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