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Getting Prepared for the Holidays with Insulin Resistance

If you're feeling anxious about your health and the holidays, this post is for you!

For so many of my clients, the holidays bring up a lot of anxiety about what they'll eat and how they'll manage symptoms and extra stress. My goal with my clients and readers, is to help them truly enjoy the season without sabotaging their insulin resistance. Because this is possible!

As I always say, it just takes some tweaking and preparation! So, here are 5 ways to prepare for the holidays with insulin resistance:

1. Go on a 20min Walk in the Morning

Before the festivities begin, start your day off with some exercise and fresh air. Even 20 minutes of this can do wonders for you body, mind, and stress levels. Consistent moderate exercise has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and being in nature has been shown to reduce stress. Pair the walk with a mindset podcast to keep yourself in a good headspace as well.

If you don't want to miss out on family time, invite people to join you for a walk! I guarantee others will be thankful for the walk too.

2. Make 2 Different Healthy Holiday Cookies

You don't have to miss out on holiday desserts and baking, just make some that are insulin resistance friendly. I recommend making two different healthy holiday cookies that are lower carb or lower sugar and are made with nut butter or nut flour for fullness (healthy fats are slower to digest).

Check out my low sugar Peppermint Chocolate Cookies on TikTok. They taste delicious and only have 1 gram of sugar per cookie!

Here are a few other healthy cookies I recommend:

3. Make a List of Everything You Enjoy During the Holidays that Don't Involve Food

When you have dietary restrictions, sometimes it can feel like a loss at the holidays when you can't eat everything. That's why I first recommend making alternatives that you can eat. But I also encourage my clients to get excited about other aspects of the holidays that don't involve food. Food is a big part of the holidays, but not the only thing. Do you have any traditions? If not, are there ones you would love to start? What about family games or winter activities? Before the holidays start, make a list of everything you're looking forward to besides the food.

4. Make a Plan to Do Something for Others

It's really easy to get stuck in our head when you have a health concern. That's normal and okay - you have a lot to think about when managing insulin resistance! However, it can be so healthy and freeing to take the focus off of yourself and do something for someone else. It doesn't have to be big - even the smallest gesture can make a big impact! Maybe send a card to a friend (yes snail mail), reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while, or bake some healthy cookies for a neighbor or friend.

5. Have a Shopping Game Plan

Any other last-minute Christmas shoppers out there? Shopping can be fun and long and exhausting! Make sure have a plan to keep stress levels down (and balance that blood sugar). Bring a water bottle and balanced snacks (protein, fat, and fiber). Also eat balanced meals before and after shopping. If you plan to be out all day, do a bit of research ahead of time to find a restaurant with balanced options (again, focus on protein, fat, and fiber).

I hope these tips are helpful for you as you prepare for this holiday season. And above all else, that you enjoy yourself and have fun! For more tips on managing insulin resistance over the holidays, check out this post.


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