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5 Questions to Ask Yourself for Better Control of Insulin Resistance in 2022

It's that time of year when many people set out to be healthier for the new year. There's nothing magical about a new year, but symbolically it is a great time to start something new or recommit to a goal.

As you end this year and prepare to move onto what's next, I encourage you to take some time to reflect and contemplate. It's easy to jump full force into the next fitness or diet plan, but slow down a bit. Take a day or so first and foremost to reflect on this past year with insulin resistance, assess where you are now, and plan for where you want to be in the next year.

I'm all for setting goals and resolutions, but they are so much more powerful when you remember the trials and wins of the road behind you. Celebrate the big and small wins, mourn the losses, and learn from mistakes with your health journey. Then set your intentions for the new year ahead.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate the new year, take an hour or so to reflect on 2021 and intentionally plan for 2022.

Here are some questions specifically around insulin resistance to guide your time of reflection.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself for Better Control of Insulin Resistance in 2022:

  1. What is your biggest win in 2021 for your insulin resistance?

  2. What is one hard lesson or realization that you have about your health in 2021?

  3. What are some areas that were neglected in your health this past year?

  4. What would you like most to change about yourself?

  5. What are three things you would like to do for your insulin resistance in 2022? How do you plan to take action on those?

As you set goals for controlling your insulin resistance this new year and realize you need support, I'm here to help! I work with clients one-on-one and have a self-paced program designed to help you take control of your insulin resistance for good!

Happy New Year!


If you’re confused on how to lose weight with insulin resistance or design a plan that is focused on blood sugar control, we can help you! Our self paced online course will teach you everything you need to know about losing weight with insulin resistance. It includes your 150 recipes revamped for clean eating, and my signature PFF Method of blood sugar balance.

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